university of lahore hostels Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations university of lahore hostels 1. All movements from and to the hostels must be recorded in computerized attendance system by swapping hostel ID cards in swipe machine which maintain by hostel staff attendance supervisors. In case swipe machine not available movement must be recorded in the attendance register kept with the attendance supervisors at the entrance of the hostel and should be properly signed 2. All hostel students that the curfew time for the hostel is7:00pm. Students who wish to return after 7:00pm, need to issue an out pass before they leave the hostel. Out pass will be issued only by the competent authority after permission and verification from the hosteller. 3. The hostellers will be permitted to change their rooms only after Warden’s approval. 4. The hostel rooms are subject to inspection by the University / Hostel authorities to make sure that they are kept neat and tidy and no unauthorized items like cigarettes or other tobacco products, liquor, drugs, lethal weapons etc., are kept in the room. Possession of any lethal weapons or any instrument / contrivance, which is likely to cause physical harm to others, is strictly prohibited. 5. Perfect silence is to be maintained in the hostel premises including rooms, bathrooms, dining halls, corridors, common areas etc., every student of the hostel should have the civic responsibility that he or she should not be a cause inconvenience, annoyance or disturbance to others. 6. The hostellers should not enter into any unnecessary conversation, quarrel or altercation with the hostel staff. If anyone has any complaint against any employee of the hostel, a written complaint against the person is to be lodged with the Warden. Use of abusive, vulgar and unparliamentarily language against the hostel/mess staff is strictly forbidden. Any complaint received from staff/faculty towards students will be taken action seriously. 7. If any hosteller is found indulging in any form of instigation / intimidation / threat to any other hostellers he / she will be asked to vacate the hostel forthwith. In this regard, the decision of the Warden is final and binding on the individual's concerned. 8. Smoking is prohibited in the hostel buildings. Consumption of alcohol, use of drugs and narcotics and even possession of such things are prohibited. Anyone found indulging in the use of such things will not only be asked to vacate the hostel but also be expelled/rusticated from the University. 9. Day scholars are not allowed in the hostel. Hostellers should not encourage entry of day scholars. Day scholar may see their friends in the visiting room only. 10. Celebrating birthday parties or any kind of political gathering inside the hostel is strictly prohibited. Collection of donation for any purpose (Religious/ otherwise) is also strictly prohibited. 1. Students are not allowed to play skating rollers and other outdoor games inside the hostel to prevent breakages and accidents. Sliding along the hand rails/rest of stairs and fast running/ climbing down should be totally avoided to prevent accidents. 2. When leaving the rooms for attending classes or for vacation, etc., fans, electrical gadgets, lights etc., should be switched off. Windows are to be closed securely. 3. Hostellers coming to the Hostel after the gate closing hours without prior permission or without valid reason would be fined. Regular late comers will not be allowed to stay in the hostel. 4. Water should be carefully used and not wasted. 5. Wrong entry, improper / lack of entry in exit register, checking on behalf of another person, tampering with the entries, proxy attendance and misguidance of any nature are punishable. 6. In case of any quarrel between or among roommates, it should be reported to the Warden for appropriate action. 7. Hostellers are responsible for keeping their room clean 8. The hostellers are not allowed to use electric iron, TV or any electrical equipment without written permission of the Warden. Unauthorized possession will lead to confiscation of the goods. 9. Use of Computers: a. Students are allowed to possess and use personal computers and laptops in the hostel rooms. b. The usage of computer is for academic purpose only. c. The University / Hostel authorities will conduct surprise checks periodically and if anyone is found violating the above rule, disciplinary action will be taken against him/her. d. Students can use internet facility available in the hostel in their rooms and common rooms. Fair usage policy is applicable and a log of internet usage and sites visited is recorded and monitored by the authorities e. Students are responsible for their internet user accounts. Students found involved in any unauthorized or criminal use of internet may be expelled from the university 10. Students should read the circulars put up at all blocks and be updated with the functioning of the hostel. 11. Students are instructed to attend the General meetings of the hostel. It is mandatory for Members of the Students council who are hostellers and Mess committee members. 12. Violation of any of these rules would result in punitive action and serious violations would be referred to the "Students Disciplinary Committee". The decision of the committee would however be final.