Kinnaird Hostels

The science department was not founded until 1950 – two world wars, lack of finance and partition of the subcontinent were the main hindrances. The student body grew from 6 to 170 by 1951. The early students were mainly Christians joined by more and more Hindus. Kinnaird College moved from its first site in and around Kinnaird High School in 1926 to Lake Road, and in 1938 to its present site. In 1932 the Principal, Miss McNair, agonized about moving to Agra where the College had been offered the campus of St. John’s College. This offer was declined, and Kinnaird with its campus was preserved. After independence of Pakistan 1947, the Hindu and Sikh students migrated to India while Muslims migrated to Pakistan. Kinnaird College has became a predominantly Muslim college. Kinnaird College for Women Moto: Established: Website: Type: Short name: Address: Contact Number: Light to Guide us, Courage to support us and love to unite us1913 Public KC 93- Jail road, Lahore(042) 99203781