FC College Hostels

FC College Hostels & College Data History The university was founded by Dr. Charles W. Forman who arrived to South Asia in 1847 and, two years later, settled in Lahore (now in Pakistan).[citation needed] He was the founder of the Rang Mahal School, Lahore, which was the first Anglo-vernacular school in Punjab. The school added a college department in 1865 which later became a university in 2005 known as Forman Christian College University. It started offering an American style world class education in Pakistan. FCCU started new postgraduate courses along with MBA in 2007.[12] One of Forman's faculty members, Prof. Arthur Compton, conducted the bulk of his research on cosmic rays at FCC University for which he received the Nobel Prize in 1927. One of Professor Compton's former students Professor Piara Singh Gill taught at the college as Lecturer in Physics between 1940 and 1947. Two alumni, Dr. Sir S. S. Bhatnagar and Dr. Bashir Ahmad, laid the foundation for scientific and industrial research in both parts of South Asia by establishing ICSIR and PCSIR respectively.[citation needed] The first two Science graduates of FC College University were also the first Science graduates of the University of the Punjab (1900–1902). In this way FCCU was the first to establish, in this part of the sub-continent, Departments of Biology (1898), Greek, Latin and Hebrew Languages (1895–96), Industrial Chemistry (1917), Geography (1924), setting up the Experimental Psychology Laboratory, introducing the tutorial system[clarification needed] (1908), appointing Deans of the Faculties introducing co-educational system (1902), and establishing an alumni Association (1896).[citation needed] Besides this FCCU also starts Software engg, CS, and IT in 2006